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"The highlight of JCCC has always been the quality of education you receive for your money. Dollar for dollar, it is one of the best schools in the Country. And we want to keep it that way. We must be transparent with residents as we look to grow in the future. I'm running to represent you, not special interest groups.
As college tuition rates are increasing throughout the country, JCCC is an excellent option for those looking to get a high-quality education and save money. To keep tuition low, we must spend tax dollars wisely and prudently and ask some tough questions about the budget." - Mark Hamill
Student Enrollment is down 24% in the last 10 years

The Budget has increased 45% in the last 10 years


My Top Priorities - Responsible spending of tax payer dollars & Student Focused Programs

Affordable Education

Lower Property Taxes

Given the economic and financial uncertainty of COVID-19, students and families are looking for a place of peace. Whether you are coming to enroll in a 2-year degree with a great paying job after graduation, or you are looking to go back to school part-time to finish your education – Johnson County Community College can provide a path to prosperity. It is truly the college for everyone! Now is the time to make sure we have sound leadership to grow enrollment, which has been down 24% in the last 10 years.

Growing up in a middle-class home, I didn’t have the luxury to attend a 4-year college right after high school. As a graduate of JCCC, I know that my time served me well as I went on to receive my bachelor’s at Emporia State University. I want to ensure that students like myself have the same opportunity to get a high-quality, affordable education for years to come.
Diversity Students
Did you know that 7% of your taxes go to JCCC? That is an important (and large) investment! We all know that Johnson county is one of the best places to live and raise a family. We have nationally ranked K-12 schools, great people and safe neighborhoods. However, many of our neighbors and friends are struggling to keep up with property taxes that are increasing year after year. A big part of engaging our community is making decisions that are going to improve their daily life. Whether you are a first time home buyer or living on a fixed income, this has been a very difficult time for old and new residents.

To keep Johnson County Community College the unique and special place it is, we must take care of our community with reasonable spending and accountability. I want families to keep more of their hard earned money and allow greater access to an education at Johnson County Community College for all people.

We have seen a trend in higher education of colleges cutting programs to save costs. Behind those decisions are students and athletes who may have lost an opportunity for a scholarship. I want to place a heavy emphasis on strengthening our traditional educational programs and helping balance the budget in times of financial unrest. Although we cannot offer every program, we need to protect the ones we have. Being a commuter college, it is very important that JCCC fosters an environment of opportunity and belonging. Athletics, clubs and meaningful relationships help students stay connected in their studies. 

As a member of the board, I will fight to bring more athletic and academic scholarship opportunities to the student-population as well as adequate funding for clubs through strong local partnerships with our business community. I believe the uniqueness of JCCC is that everyone can be successful, no matter what stage of life. 

Growth and Opportunity


Responsiveness and Transparency

When tough decisions are being made, we must make sure that we understand the impact on the local community. As an accountant and operations manager of over 15 years, I know how important it is to manage a budget. It is simply irresponsible to spend money we do not have, in business or in our personal lives. The same is true for local government. But worse, it's on the backs of the residents. This behavior has caused many to lose trust in our elected officials. How do we solve this? Simple - Listen and Learn from the people you represent.

My leadership style is built on trust and transparency. I'm confident there can be unity and teamwork in areas of division. There is no insignificant conversation or an issue too complex to make decisions without the voice of the people. As a fresh face, my goal is to provide a steadiness and commitment to those I work with and for YOU, especially in times of struggle. At the core of leadership is service -- and we must always remember who we serve. 
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